Creating an avenue to cater to your clientele and develop new customers. The magazine, an exclusive presentation in
4-color process on heavy coated paper, is a marketing tool of apparel. This magazine carries the store logo and a
page is provided that can be customized to fit each store personality. The costs are subsidized by the vendors,
making this marketing tool a win-win situation.

Other campaigns
Direct marketing events developed by the group in rewards, gift cards, and ladies; Days – all innovative thinking

Electronic Catalogue-FlipBook – a creative way to send out your catalogue to your customers or even prospective customers in your trading area

Email campaigns
For now and the future – the most cost efficient way of advertising.


DLS holds a series of meetings with the member stores that are scheduled around the major markets. During these
meetings, which are a forum for an exchange of ideas from all attending, we discuss key items and key collections,
colors, presentations, displays, marketing ideas, private label items, incentives, and special programs with
manufacturers for the DLS Group.

  • Italy at the Pitti Uomo Show
  • New York Men’s Shows include the MRKET Show a the sophisticated fashion event for discerning menswear brands, Project
    (the premier contemporary fashion), The Tents (high-end contemporary marketplace), The Liberty Fair (Forward Thinking Brands), and Capsule (A showcase of Independent Brands)
  • Chicago Men’s Collective in the Chicago Mart
    Charlotte at the Embassy Suites regional market
  • Dallas – Permanent Men’s showrooms; two events annually
  • Las Vegas Men’s Shows include Project (the premier contemporary fashion), FN Platform (Shoes), The Tents (high-end contemporary marketplace), The Collective (Classic collections to lifestyle-driven and licensed apparel for men and young men), The Liberty Fair (Forward Thinking Brands), and Capsule (A showcase of Independent Brands).
  • DLS hosts several formal meetings throughout the year during major market times across the United States.


DLS prides itself on the ability to bring Italian design and craftsmanship to America' ’s top retailers.
In collaboration with the Pitti Uomo, and a number of independent Italian designers and manufacturers, DLS
has had the opportunity to expose its stores to the Italian marketplace on a seasonal basis by bringing store’s buyers
to the Italian trade shows and factory tours.

Through our relationship with the Italian Trade Commission the DLS stores are given the opportunity to attend
extravagant Italian events, mixing commerce and culture to bring customers a true taste of the Italian lifestyle.

For more than 10 years, DLS has served as the best advisor for building Italian apparel, design, and craftsmanship in
better specialty stores throughout the United States.