DLS represents a select group of men and women’s specialty shops throughout the country.  We are a full service buying office specializing in the presentation of better clothing, sportswear, and accessories for regular sizes, and big and tall.

Annual dues are based on store’s annual volume. They are billed and payable monthly (first three months payable in advance). Annual events are $100 for local and regional meetings. They are billed and payable annually, or upon membership.


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There are different arrangements of fees depending on the service you require. The Buying Office fee is based on the stores annual retail volume and it is paid on a monthly basis. Or you may require an extensive consulting situation; this fee would be determined by the amount of hours spent. It is about strategizing a course of action for each store's needs.

A point of pride for us is that so many of our stores continue their relationship with DLS for decades without a contract! We have heard from many of our members that "the fee pays for itself by belonging to DLS because market knowledge and vendor incentives"!


  • Market knowledge, new directions, new resources, and trends
  • Several meetings throughout the year and in different markets, so you can pick the best place for you to travel for viewing the new season’s fashions – And introductions to new markets like Italy, via our close and strong relationship with the Italian Trade Commission
  • Incentive pricing on many items and collections to help create longer margins
  • Private label programs available to all members to create exclusivity and added profits
  • Help to acquire inventory – New Purchases, Special Orders, & Fill-ins
  • Marketing & Advertising information and successful store campaign exchanges
  • All member can take advantage of doing the exclusive customized Magazine (there is a nominal charge for plate changes to copy for all participants)
  • The DLS office is yours to use whenever you are visiting New York – Desk, computer, phone, fax, copy machine, etcetera. Make it your office away from home!!

Give us a try for 6 to 12 months, there is no contract!

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