We offer our services year round and we are always accessible to meet the needs of our retailers. When visiting NYC we offer up our offices for your use, look at it as your “office away from home” right in mid-town Manhattan. We hold a series of meetings with our stores scheduled around major markets across the U.S. and in Italy. With several market shows throughout all the regional markets, retailers choose a convenient time to discuss key items, key collections, and market ideas.


DLS can be of service to your store. We keep our eyes and ears to the ground for retailers providing advertising and marketing information shared within the group. We facilitate private label programs, help retailers acquire “margin building” inventory, and consulting for “Open to Buy” options when in-season opportunities arise. Our strong relationships with manufacturers and retailers over time has given DLS the sustainability and longevity within an ever-changing market.


Since 1980, the DLS Apparel Group has been representing specialty stores and offering our services by providing market awareness. We ensure that our members are always ahead of an every-changing market. We work exclusively for the interest of our specialty stores in simplifying the buying and merchandising experience for retailers. Our visits to factories, merchants and trade shows across the U.S. and Italy keeps us up-to-date throughout the season. And, our retailers have around the clock access to extensive market knowledge, incentives, consulting on current trends, private label collaborations and a customized catalogue for each participating store.